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Warnecke, H. J. and R. Steinhilper (1985). Flexible manufacturing systems. Bedford, IFS.

Warner, M., W. Wobbe, et al. (1990). New technology and manufacturing management: strategic choices for flexible production systems, Wiley.

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Williams, D. J. (1994). Manufacturing systems. London, Chapman & Hall.

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Wilson, B., C. C. Berg, et al. (1983). Efficiency of manufacturing systems. New York; London, Published in cooperation with NATO Scientific Affairs Division [by] Plenum.

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Withnell, S. and W. v. Puymbroeck (1992). Communications for manufacturing: proceedings of the Open Congress 4-7 September 1990, Stuttgart, Germany, [np].

Wood, R. K. E. (1997). A collection of papers presented at the 98th annual meeting and the Ceramic Manufacturing Council's workshop and exposition, April 14-17, 1996, Indianapolis, Indiana and September 22-25, 1996, Charlotte, North Carolina, American Ceramic Society.

Woodgate, R. W. (1991). Managing the manufacturing process: a pattern for excellence. New York; Chichester, Wiley.

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Wozny, M. J. E. and G. E. Olling (1994). Towards world class manufacturing 1993: Conference: Papers, North-Holland.

Wu, B. (1994). Manufacturing systems design and analysis. London, Chapman & Hall.

Xu, X. E. (2002). Integration of management and technology, Elsevier.

Yallup, K. E. and M. K. E. Narasimhan (1999). Process and equipment control in microelectronic manufacturing, SPIE.

Yang, L. E. (2000). Advanced optical manufacturing and testing technology 2000, SPIE.

Yang, S.-Z. E., J. E. Zhou, et al. (1995). Intelligent manufacturing: International conference: Papers, SPIE.

Yates, I. (1988). Manufacturing a competitive edge, Fellowship of Engineering.

Yates, I. (1991). Innovation, investment and manufacturing success, Manchester Statistical Society.

Yin, G. and Q. Zhang (1997). Mathematics of stochastic manufacturing systems: AMS-SIAM Summer Seminar in Applied Mathematics, June 17-22, 1996, Williamsburg, Virginia, American Mathematical Society.

Yoshida, M. (1987). Japanese direct manufacturing investment in the United States. New York; London, Praeger.

Yoshikawa, H. (1999). First international symposium on environmentally conscious design and inverse manufacturing: February 1-3, 1999, Tokyo, Japan. Los Alamitos, CA, IEEE Computer Society.

Yoshikawa, H. and J. Goossenaerts (1993). Information infrastucture systems for manufacturing: proceedings of the JSPE/IFIP TC5/WG5.3 Workshop on the Design of Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing, DIISM '93, Tokyo, Japan. 1993. Amsterdam, North-Holland.

Yoshikawa, H. E. and J. E. Goossenaerts (1993). Information infrastructure systems for manufacturing: Workshop: Selected papers, North-Holland.

Zaremba, M. (1993). Information control problems in manufacturing technology 1992: 7th Symposium: Selected papers, Pergamon P.

Zaremba, M., J. Szpytko, et al. (2001). Intelligent manufacturing systems 2001: a proceedings volume from the 6th IFAC workshop, Poznan, Poland, 24-26 April 2001. Oxford, Pergamon.

Zhang, H.-C. and L. Alting (1994). Computerized manufacturing process planning systems. London, Chapman & Hall.

Zhang, P. (1989). Tool flow management in batch manufacturing systems for cylindrical components, Loughborough University of Technology.

Zhang, X. E. (1998). Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) -1998, ASME.

Zhang, Y. E., W. E. Liu, et al. (2002). Optical manufacturing technologies, SPIE.

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