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Steering Group on Industrial Building and, I. (1978). Construction for industrial recovery: the role of building and civil engineering in promoting the efficiency of British manufacturing industry. London, H.M.S.O. [for the] National Economic Development Office.

Stein, R. E. (1996). Re-engineering the manufacturing system: applying the theory of constraints. New York, Marcel Dekker.

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Stockton, D. E. and C. E. Wainwright (1995). Advances in manufacturing technology IX: 11th National conference on manufaturing research: Preprinted papers, Taylor & Francis.

Storey, D. J. and P. Wynarczyk (1985). A profile of small manufacturing companies in Northern England: profits, jobs and failures. [Newcastle upon Tyne], University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies.

Storr, A. and D. Jarvis (1996). Software engineering for manufacturing systems: methods and CASE tools: IFIP TC5 International Conference on Software Engineering for Manufacturing Systems, 28-29 March 1996, Stuttgart, Germany. London, Chapman & Hall.

Strang, A. E. and C. F. Parsons (1997). Advances in turbine materials, design and manufacturing, Institute of Materials.

Subramanian, C. E. and K. N. E. Strafford (1994). Surface engineering: coatings and surface treatments in manufacturing: 2nd International conference: Papers. Adelaide, Surface Engineering Research Group, University of South Australia.

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Sun, Q.-z. (1991). Knowledge-based interactive real-time control system in product-focused manufacturing environment, Marconi Space Systems.

Suri, R. E. (2000). Quick response manufacturing: conference proceedings, Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Suri, R. E., F. E. Rath, et al. (2001). Proceedings of QRM2001: the 2nd annual conference on quick response manufacturing, Center for Quick Response Manufacturing.

Suryaprakash, M. V. E. (1994). Manufacturing technology design and research. New Delhi, APL.

Sutherland, J. W. E. (1999). Manufacturing science and engineering 1999, ASME.

Suzaki, K. (1987). The new manufacturing challenge, Free Press.

Swihart, M. T. E., M. D. E. Allendorf, et al. (2001). Fundamental gas-phase and surface chemistry of vapor-phase deposition II and Process control, diagnostics, and modeling in semiconductor manufacturing IV, Electrochemical Society.

Symons, J. S. V. (1981). The demand for labour in British manufacturing: paper presented at the Conference on Unemployment held at Newnham College, Cambridge, July 1981. [London] ([Houghton St., WC2A 2AE]), Centre for Labour Economics, London School of Economics.

Symons, J. S. V. (1982). Relative prices and the demand for labour in British manufacturing. [London] ([Houghton St., WC2A 2AE]), Centre for Labour Economics, London School of Economics.

Szafarczyk, M. (1994). Automatic supervision in manufacturing. London, Springer-Verlag.

Szwejczewski, M. G. (1999). The delivery reliability of UK manufacturing plants: an empirical study, Cranfield University.

Taghavi, M. (1983). Production functions in Iranian manufacturing industries, University of Exeter.

Tailby, S. and C. Whitston (1989). Manufacturing change: industrial relations and restructuring. Oxford, Basil Blackwell.

Takamori, T. E. and K. E. Tsuchiya (1993). Robotics, mechatronics and manufacturing systems: International symposium: Selected papers. New York, North-Holland.

Tal, A. A. (1987). Information control problems in manufacturing technology: 5th Conference: Papers. Oxford, published for the International Federation of Automatic Control by Pergamon.

Tam, A. C. E. (1997). Lasers and optics for manufacturing. Washington, DC, Optical Society of America.

Tan, S. T. E., T. N. E. Wong, et al. (1997). Proceedings of the international conference on manufacturing automation. Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong.

Tanasawa, I. E. and N. E. Lior (1992). Heat and mass transfer in materials processing: Oji international seminar on "Advanced heat transfer in manufacturing and processing of new materials": Selected papers, Hemisphere.

Tang, N. K. H. E., C. E. Hawksley, et al. (1998). Systems integration and process design, Inderscience Enterprises.

Tee, M. R. E. (1989). Marketing and manufacturing: making the partnership work: 1st International conference: Papers, IFS Pubs/Springer.

Tempelmeier, H. and H. Kuhn (1993). Flexible manufacturing systems: decision support for design and operation. New York; Chichester, John Wiley.

Teti, R. E. (2003). Selected papers from the 3rd CIRP international seminar on intelligent computation in manufacturing engineering, ICME 2002, Marcel Dekker.

Tey, J. G. M. (2003). A generic model of organisational change towards world class manufacturing. Birmingham, University of Birmingham.

Thangaraj, A. R. E. (1992). Quality assurance through integration of manufacturing processes and systems: Symposium: Winter annual meeting: Papers. New York, ASME.

Thomas, A. B. (1980). Stock control in manufacturing industries. Farnborough, Hants., Gower Press.

Tidd, J. (1989). Technological trajectories and emerging production paradigms: robotic assembly as an example of flexible manufacturing, University of Sussex.

Timings, R. L. (1992). Manufacturing technology. Vol.1, Longman Scientific & Technical.

Timings, R. L. (1993). Manufacturing technology. Vol.2. Harlow, Longman Scientific & Technical.

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