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Poprawe, R. and A. Otto (2003). Lasers in Manufacturing 2003: proceedings of the second international WLT-conference on lasers in manufacturing, AT Fachverlag.

Prais, S. J. (1981). Productivity and industrial structure: a statistical study of manufacturing industry in Britain, Germany and the United States. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Prais, S. J. (1981). The evolution of giant firms in Britain: a study of the growth of concentration in manufacturing industry in Britain 1909-70. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Prasad, S. R. K. (2000). Intelligent, flexible, autonomous manufacturing systems: proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent, Flexible, Autonomous Manufacturing Systems: Towards Rapid Design Exploration and Optimization. New Delhi; New York, Tata McGraw-Hill Pub. Co.

Pratt, A. J. S. (1992). Manufacturing technology, Rolls-Royce plc.

Price, S. (1990). Costs, prices and profitability in UK manufacturing. [Colchester], Department of Economics, University of Essex.

Primrose, P. L. (1991). Investment in manufacturing technology. London, Chapman & Hall.

Proth, J. M. and X. Xie (1996). Petri nets: a tool for design and management of manufacturing systems. Chichester, Wiley.

Puente, E. A. E. and L. E. Nemes (1990). Information control problems in manufacturing technology: 6th Symposium: Selected papers. Oxford, England; New York, Published for IFAC by Pergamon Press.

Puente, E. and P. MacConaill (1988). Computer integrated manufacturing: 4th Europe conference: Papers, IFS.

Pye, C. (1988). What is MAP (Manufacturing Automation Protocol)?, NCC Publications: [85]p.

Qidwai, S. U. E. (2001). Proceedings of fifteenth national convention production engineers & national seminar on emerging convergence in manufacturing systems, Institution of Engineers (India).

Qiming, X. E. and R. E. E. Parks (1998). Current developments in optical elements and manufacturing, SPIE.

Radhakrishnan, P. E. (1991). Design automation and computer integrated manufacturing: International conference: Papers. New Delhi, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited.

Radhakrishnan, V. P., L. Vijayaraghavan, et al. (2001). Manufacturing technology: proceedings of the 19th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design, and Research Conference: Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Chennai-600 036, India, December 2000. New Delhi, Narosa Pub. House.

Raghavan, S. E., R. L. E. Opila, et al. (1998). Proceedings of the second international symposium on chemical mechanical planarization in integrated circuit device manufacturing, Electrochemical Society.

Rao, U. R. K. E., P. N. E. Rao, et al. (1986). Emerging trends in manufacturing: 12th All India machine tool design and research conference: Papers. New Delhi, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.

Raouf, A. and S. I. Ahmad (1985). Flexible manufacturing: recent developments in FMS, Robotics, CAD/CAM, CIM. Amsterdam; Oxford, Elsevier.

Rathmill, K. (1986). Flexible manufacturing systems: 5th International conference: Papers. Bedford, IFS.

Raw, M. (1993). Manufacturing industry: the impact of change. London, CollinsEducational.

Rehg, J. A. (1994). Computer-integrated manufacturing. Englewood Cliffs; London, Prentice Hall.

Rembold, U. (1990). Robot technology and applications. New York, N.Y., Dekker.

Rembold, U. and R. Dillmann (1984). Methods and tools for computer integrated manufacturing: Advanced course on computer integrated manufacturing: Papers. Berlin; New York, Springer-Verlag.

Rennie, A. E. W., C. E. Bocking, et al. (2002). Rapid prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing. Bury St Edmunds, Professional Engineering.

Renzetti, S. and D. P. Dupont (2003). The value of water in manufacturing. Norwich, Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment.

Revans, R. W. (1988). Evidence of learning: A study of manufacturing industry in Belgium, where action learning was tried in 1968, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology Manchester School of Management.

Rhodes, E. and D. Wield (1985). Implementing new technologies: choice, decision and change in manufacturing. Oxford, Basil Blackwell in association with the Open University.

Riddell, R. (1990). Manufacturing Africa: performance & prospects of seven countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. London, Currey.

Ritchie, J. M. (1984). The development of a new cellular manufacturing analysis technique and its application within an engineering company. Edinburgh, University of Herriot-Watt.

Robert, K. Q. E. (1987). Textiles and manufacturing: Symposium: Manufacturing technical conference: Papers. New York, AmericanSociety of Mechanical Engineers.

Roberts, G. N. E. and C. A. J. E. Tubb (1999). WESIC '99: promoting advanced technologies in manufacturing. Newport, Mechatronics Research Centre.

Robson, E. H., H. M. Ryan, et al. (1991). Integration and management of technology for manufacturing: International conference: Selected papers, Peter Peregrinus on behalf of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Robson, E. H., H. M. Ryan, et al. (1991). Integration and management of technology for manufacturing, Peregrinus on behalf of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Roche, J. G. (1981). National survey of quality control in manufacturing industry 1980. Dublin, National Board for Science and Technology.

Rodd, M. G. (1988). IT in manufacturing: the map to a new society, University of Wales: 25p.

Roessler, D. (2003). Advanced powertrain materials & manufacturing. Saline, Global Powertrain Congress.

Roessler, D. E. and M. N. E. Uddin (1996). Body assembly and manufacturing: proceedings of the international body engineering conference IBEC '96. Warren, MI, Automotive Technology Group.

Roessler, D. M. E. (1998). Powertrain assembly, manufacturing and systems: proceedings of the 1998 global powertrain congress. Warren, MI, Global Powertrain Congress Ltd.

Roessler, D. M. E. (1999). Powertrain assembly & manufacturing processes: proceedings of the 1999 global powertrain congress. Warren, MI, Global Powertrain Congress.

Rogers, P. (1989). Object-oriented modelling of flexible manufacturing cells, University of Cambridge.

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