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Marinescu, I. D. E. (1996). Manufacturing engineering: 2000 and beyond, University of Connecticut.

Marsh, A. I. (1982). Employee relations policy and decision making: a survey of manufacturing companies carried out for the Confederation of British Industry. Aldershot, Gower.

Marshall, J. N. (1979). Organisational and locational factors associated with the performance of manufacturing establishments. [Newcastle upon Tyne] ([The University, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU]), University of Newcastle upon Tyne Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies.

Martin, P. and D. E. Gilmore (1993). Dynamic performance management. New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Martin, T. (1984). Design of work in automated manufacturing systems: with special reference to small and medium size firms: proceedings of the IFAC Workshop, Karlsruhe, Federal Republic of Germany 7-9 November 1983. Oxford, Published for the International Federation of Automatic Control by Pergamon.

MaS\0301rI\0302\0131k, V., D. C. McFarlane, et al. (2003). Holonic and multi-agent systems for manufacturing: first International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems, HoloMAS 2003, Prague, Czech Republic, September 1-3, 2003: proceedings. Berlin; New York, Springer.

MaS\0301rI\0302\0131k, V., L. Camarinha-Matos, et al. (2002). Knowledge and technology integration in production and services: balancing knowledge and technology in product and service life cycle: IFIP TC5/WG5.3 Fifth IEEE/IFIP international conference on information technology for balanced automation systems in manufacturing and services (BASYS'02) September 25-27, 2002, Cancun, Mexico. Boston, Mass.; London, Kluwer Academic.

Mascle, C. E., C. m. E. Fortin, et al. (2000). IDMME '2000: 3rd international conference on integrated design and manufacturing in mechanical engineering = 3e confe\0301rence internationale sur la conception et la fabrication integre\0301es en me\0301canique, Presses internationales Polytechnique.

Maskell, B. H. (1994). Software and the agile manufacturer: computer systems and world class manufacturing. Portland, Or., Productivity Press.

Maskus, K. E. (1983). The changing structure of comparative advantage in American manufacturing. Epping, Bowker.

Mathur, J. P. E., J. E. Lowell, et al. (1994). Optical characterization techniques for high-performance microelectronic devices manufacturing: Conference: Papers, SPIE.

Mathur, J. P. E., J. E. Lowell, et al. (1995). Optical characterization techniques for high-performance microelectronic devices manufacturing II: Conference: Papers, SPIE.

Matthews, L. M. (1983). Estimating manufacturing costs: a practical guide for managers and estimators. New York; London, McGraw-Hill.

Matthews, R. A. and D. J. McCulla (1985). Structural change and industrial policy: the redeployment of Canadian manufacturing, 1960-80. [Ottawa], Economic Council of Canada.

Mayorga, R. V. E. (1997). Robotics and manufacturing. Anaheim, CA, International Association of Science and Technology for Development.

McAvinchey, I. D. (1979). Expectations, stability and management in manufacturing industry. [Aberdeen] ([Aberdeen AB9 1FX]), University of Aberdeen, Department of Political Economy.

McCann, H. E. and D. M. E. Scott (2001). Process imaging for automatic control, SPIE.

McCarthy, I. P. E. and K. E. Ridgway (1998). Proceedings of the international conference on stimulating manufacturing excellence in small and medium sized enterprises, Sheffield Academic Press.

McGarrah, R. E. (1990). Manufacturing for the security of the United States: reviving competitiveness and reducing deficits. New York; London, Quorum Books.

McGinnis, L. F. E., M. M. E. Ahmad, et al. (1996). Flexible automation and intelligent manufacturing 1996, Begell House.

McGoldrick, P. F. (1987). Advances in manufacturing technology, 2: 3rd National conference on production research: Papers. London, Kogan Page.

McGuigan, K. (1988). Flexible manufacturing for small to medium enterprises: European conference: Papers. IFS, Springer.

McLean, A. R. C. (1983). Management of computer integrated manufacturing (CIM): Workshop: Papers, Computer Aided Manufacturing Intl Inc.

McLoughlin, P. (1982). The effect of geographical scale on manufacturing location decisions. Reading, Department of Geography, University of Reading.

Meech, J. A. (1999). Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing of Materials: IPMM '99: Honolulu, Hawaii, July 10-15, 1999. [New York], IEEE.

Meech, J. A. (2003). Intelligence in a materials world: selected papers from IPMM-2001, the Third International Conference on Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing of Materials. Boca Raton, CRC Press.

Mendis, L. and J. Muellbauer (1984). British manufacturing productivity 1955-1983: measurement problems, oil shocks and Thatcher effects. London (6 Duke of York St., SW1Y 6LA), Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Meyer, J. D. E. (1996). Joint DoD/NIST workshop on international manufacturing systems research and development. [np], [nd], NTIS.

Meyer, M. M. E. and J. L. E. Rosenberger (1996). Statistics and manufacturing with subthemes in environmental statistics, graphics and imaging, Interface Foundation of North America.

Meyyappan, M. E., D. J. E. Economou, et al. (1995). Process control, diagnostics, and modeling in semiconductor manufacturing: 1st Symposium on control diagnostics and modeling in semiconductor manufacturing: 187th Meeting: Papers, The Society.

Meyyappan, M., D. J. Economou, et al. (1997). Proceedings of the Second International Symposium om Process Control, Diagnostics, and Modeling in Semiconductor Manufacturing. Pennington, NJ, Electrochemical Society.

Mezga\0301r, I. n. and P. Berto\0301k (1993). Knowledge based hybrid systems: proceedings of the IFIP TC5/WG5.3/IFAC International Working Conference on Knowledge Based Hybrid Systems in Engineering and Manufacturing, KNOWHSEM '93, Budapest, Hungary. 1993. Amsterdam, North-Holland.

Micheletti, G. F. (1987). Flexible Manufacturing Systems, IFS.

Migliore, H. (1998). Flexible automation and intelligent manufacturing, 1998: proceedings of the Eighth International FAIM Conference, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Portland State University, July 1-3, 1998. New York, Begell House.

Migliore, L. R. E. and R. D. E. Schaeffer (1997). Lasers as tools for manufacturing II, SPIE.

Migliore, L. R. E. and R. W. E. Walker (1994). Lasers as tools for manufacturing: Conference: International symposium on optical tools for manufacturing and advanced automation: Papers, SPIE.

Milac\030Cic, V. R. (1988). Intelligent manufacturing systems II: 2nd International summer seminar: Papers. Amsterdam; New York, Elsevier.

Milac\030Cic, V. R. E. and V. D. E. Majstorivic (1990). Intelligent manufacturing systems-IMS'89: 3rd International Summer seminar: Papers, Elsevier.

Milac\030Cic\030C, V. R. (1988). Intelligent manufacturing systems 1: 1st International summer seminar: Papers, Elsevier.

Milac\030Cic\030C, V. R. E. and J. F. E. McWaters (1988). Diagnostic and preventive maintenance strategies in manufacturing systems, North Holland.

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