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Leiviska, K. E. (1993). CIM in process and manufacturing industries: Workshop: Papers, Pergamon Press.

Lenz, J. E. (1986). Simulation in manufacturing: 2nd International conference: Papers. Bedford, IFS (Publications).

Levy, P. and M. Junkar (2001). Technosophy: strategic approaches to the assessment and management of manufacturing technology innovation: proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on the Strategic Approaches to the Assessment and Management of Manufacturing Technology Innovation, Bled, Slovenia, June 3-5, 1997. Dordrecht; London, Kluwer Academic.

Liang, S. Y. E. and T.-C. E. Tsao (1990). Monitoring and control for manufacturing processes: Symposium: Winter annual meeting: Selected papers, ASME.

Liberopoulos, G. E. (2004). Stochastic models of production-inventory systems, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

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Liebmann, L. W. (2005). Design and process integration for microelectronic manufacturing III, SPIE.

Liemt, G. v. (1992). Industry on the move: causes and consequences of international relocation in the manufacturing industry. Geneva, International Labour Office.

Lim, B. S. E. (1991). Computer integrated manufacturing: International conference: Papers, World Scientific.

Lim, C. H. (1997). Determinants of technological innovation: an exploratory study of the Asia-Pacific Rim electronics manufacturing industry, University of Strathclyde.

Lin, G. E. and S. E. Nagalingam (2003). Leadership of the future in manufacturing: leading articles from International Manufacturing Leaders Forum 2002, Pergamon.

Lindbeck, J. R., M. W. Williams, et al. (1990). Manufacturing technology, Prentice-Hall.

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Livingstone-Smith, A., D. Bosquet, et al. (2005). Section 2, Archaeometry; Symposium 2.1, Pottery manufacturing processess: reconstitution and interpretation. Oxford, Archaeopress.

Lloyd, P. E. and J. Cawdery (1982). The large manufacturing firm in Liverpool: Corporate sector influences on the development of indigenous enterprise, University of Manchester North West Industry Research Unit.

Lloyd, P. E. and P. Dicken (1982). Industrial change: local manufacturing firms in Manchester and Merseyside. London (2 Marsham St., SW1P 3EB), Inner Cities Directorate, Department of the Environment.

Lobley, J. E. and S. M. E. Blackburn (1990). Design and manufacturing standards for the international nuclear industry: Symposium: Papers, discussions and presentations, Institution of Nuclear Engineers.

Loewenstein, K. L. (1973). The manufacturing technology of continuous glass fibres. Amsterdam; London (c/o E.R. Schrager, 100 South Hill Park, N.W.3), Elsevier.

Lorenz, A. (1989). A fighting chance: the revival and future of British manufacturing industry. London, Hutchinson Business.

Loretto, M. H. E. (2003). Research and development in net-shape manufacturing, Elsevier.

Luger, G. F. E. (1998). Artificial intelligence and manufacturing workshop: state of the art and state of the practice. Menlo Park, CA, AAAI Press.

Lumia, R. E. (1995). Modeling, simulation, and control technologies for manufacturing: Conference: Papers, SPIE.

Lung, A. W.-M. (1988). Computer integrated manufacturing control, University of Aston in Birmingham.

Luo, F.-C. E., K.-H. E. Yang, et al. (2003). Selected papers from the third international display workshops (IDMC'03), Society for Information Display.

Lupton, T. (1986). Human factors in manufacturing: 3rd International conference: Papers. Bedford, IFS.

Luxon, J. T., D. E. Parker, et al. (1987). Lasers in manufacturing: an introduction to the technology. Bedford, IFS.

Lynk, E. L. (1985). The demand for energy by U.K. manufacturing industry, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Lyons, S. M. (1990). Engineering the manufacturing process: how to go for it, Rolls-Royce plc.

MacBeth, D. K. (1986). Managing suppliers in an AMT environment: Research into aspects of the new manufacturing, University of Glasgow Department of Management Studies.

Macbeth, D. K. (1989). Advanced manufacturing, IFS.

MacCarthy, B. E. and D. E. McFarlane (1998). Responsiveness in manufacturing, IEE.

MacConaill, P., P. Drews, et al. (1991). Mechatronics and robotics, I. Amsterdam, IOS Press.

Mack, C. A. E. and T. E. Stevenson (1999). Lithography for semiconductor manufacturing, SPIE.

Mack, C. A. E. and T. E. Stevenson (2001). Lithography for semiconductor manufacturing II, SPIE.

Makarov, I. M. and E. Rivin (1990). Modeling of robotic and flexible manufacturing systems, Hemisphere.

Makin, P. (1987). Safety in advanced manufacturing: International Seminar: Papers. Bedford, IFS (Publications).

Mallon, M. J. (2002). Manufacturing technology acquisition. Cranfield, Cranfield University.

Malm\02B9en, Y. and V. Rouhiainen (1991). Reliability and safety of processes and manufacturing systems: 12th Annual symposium: Papers, Elsevier Applied Science.

Manser, W. A. P. (1987). British manufacturing: its record and prospects. London, Economic League.

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