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Hamilton, L. and J. Devine (1986). Information pack including bibliography on advanced manufacturing technology. London, Information and Library Service, Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Hamza, M. H. E. (1991). Manufacturing and robotics: 14th International symposium: Papers, Acta Press.

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Haywood, B. and J. Bessant (1987). Flexible manufacturing systems and the small to medium sized firm, Innovation Research Group, Brighton Polytechnic.

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Hill, M. R. (1991). Soviet advanced manufacturing technology and western export controls, Avebury.

Hill, T. (1985). Manufacturing strategy: the strategic management of the manufacturing function. Basingstoke, Macmillan.

Hill, T. (1993). Manufacturing strategy, Macmillan.

Hill, T. (1995). Manufacturing strategy: text and cases. Basingstoke, MacMillan Business.

Hillery, M. T. and H. J. Lewis (1999). ICPR-15 Manufacturing for a global market: proceedings of the fifteenth conference of the International Foundation for Production Research: 9th-12th August 1999. Limerick, Department of Manufacturing and Operations Engineering, University of Limerick.

Hiremath, B. E., T. E. Gupta, et al. (1996). Ceramic manufacturing practices and technologies, American Ceramic Society.

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Hlupic, V. (1993). Simulation modelling software approaches to manufacturing problems, University of London.

Ho, Y.-C. E. and Y.-P. E. Zheng (1991). Discrete event system theory and applications in manufacturing and social phenomena: Workshop: Papers, International Academic Publishers.

Hoa, S. V. E., A. E. Johnston, et al. (2001). CANCOM 2001: Design, manufacturing and application of composites, Technomic Publishing Company Inc.

Hofman, M. and P. Thonart (2001). Engineering and manufacturing for biotechnology. Dordrecht; London, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Hollier, R. H. E., R. J. E. Boaden, et al. (1992). International operations: crossing borders in manufacturing and service: 7th Annual conference: Selected papers, North-Holland.

Hollingum, J. (1986). The MAP report: manufacturing automation protocol. Bedford, IFS (Publications): 155p.: ill.; 21cm.

Hoo, J. J. C. (1988). Effect of steel manufacturing processes on the quality of bearing steels: 3rd Symposium: Papers. Philadelphia, PA, ASTM.

Hood, N. and S. Young (1980). European development strategies of US owned manufacturing companies located in Scotland: report. Edinburgh, H.M.S.O.

Hopper, P. and A. Harrison (1993). MMS - Manufacturing Message Specification: an introductory guide, Great Britain, Department of Trade and Industry.

Horsfall, D. (1982). Manufacturing industry. Oxford, Blackwell.

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