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Ettlie, J. E., M. C. Burstein, et al. (1990). Manufacturing strategy: the research agenda for the next decade, Kluwer Academic.

Eversheim, W. E. (1997). Manufacturing excellence in global markets, Chapman & Hall.

Fallon, M. E. (2001). Process and equipment control in microelectronic manufacturing II, SPIE.

Fan, I. P. (1988). Intelligent flexible manufacturing system control, Cranfield Institute of Tech.

Fandel, G., T. Gulledge, et al. (1992). New directions for operations research in manufacturing: Joint US/German conference: Selected papers, Springer.

Faria, L. and W. V. Puymbroeck (1990). Computer integrated manufacturing: 6th CIM Europe annual conference: Papers, Springer-Verlag.

Farrands, C. (1990). New materials in manufacturing industry, Economist Intelligence Unit.

Farshbaf, M. R. (1990). Mixed metal forming/machining flexible manufacturing system, Council for National Academic Awards.

Fassini, M. G. E. (1970). EIPC conference on printed circuit manufacturing, EIPC.

Fassini, M. G. E. (1988). Management for competitivness in PCB manufacturing: Winter conference: Papers, EIPC.

Fassini, M. G. E. (1989). Trends in materials and manufacturing of PCB's: Seminar: Papers. Lugano, EIPC.

Faughnan, B. E. (1997). Space manufacturing: the challenge of Space: past and future. Princeton, Space Studies Institute.

Fellers, W. O. and W. W. Hunt (1995). Manufacturing processes for technology. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.; London, Prentice Hall.

Ferdows, K. (1989). Managing international manufacturing, North-Holland.

Fichtner, D. E. and R. E. Mackay (1997). Facilitating deployment of information and communications technologies for competitive manufacturing, Selbstverlag der Technischen Universita\0308t.

FitzRoy, F. and M. Funke (1992). Capital-skill complementarity and relative employment in West German manufacturing. St. Andrews, St. Salvator's College.

Fores, M. and I. Glover (1978). Manufacturing and management: the published collection of papers given at a conference on manufacturing and management in December 1976 at the City University, London [arranged by the Department of Industry]. London, H.M.S.O.

Forrester, P. E. and D. E. Bennett (2000). Responsive production and the agile enterprise, MCB University Press.

Forsythe, C. E. (1997). Human factors contributions to agile manufacturing, Wiley.

Foston, A. L., C. L. Smith, et al. (1991). Fundamentals of computer-integrated manufacturing. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.; London, Prentice Hall.

Fosu, A. K. E., S. M. E. Nsouli, et al. (2001). Policies to promote competitiveness in manufacturing in Sub-Saharan Africa, OECD.

Fothergill, S. (1983). An Econometric analysis of the influence of physical constraints on the location of manufacturing employment change. Cambridge, University of Cambridge, Department of Land Economy.

Fothergill, S., M. Kitson, et al. (1985). Urban industrial change: the causes of the urban-rural contrast in manufacturing employment trends. London, H.M.S.O.

Foulard, C. (1990). Product development and production engineering in manufacturing industries: Seminar: Papers, Hemisphere.

Fox, T. B. E. and D. E. Steeple (2000). Proceedings of the third international conference on stimulating manufacturing excellence in small and medium enterprises, Engineering Business Support Unit, Coventry University.

Francis, P. H. E. (1987). Advanced topics in manufacturing technology: product design, bioengineering, and space commercialization: Symposium: Winter annual meeting: Papers. New York, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Fransoo, J. C. E. (1998). Computer integrated manufacturing in the process industries, Elsevier.

Furness, R. J. E. (2000). Proceedings of the ASME manufacturing engineering division 2000, ASME.

Furness, R. J. E. and X. J. R. E. Avula (1998). Proceedings of the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division: 1998, ASME.

Gardner, L. B. (1985). Automated manufacturing: 1st International symposium on automated integrated manufacturing: Papers. Philadelphia, Pa., ASTM.

Garrick, R. (1992). Innovation, profits and investment: the lifeblood of manufacturing industry. London, Fellowship of Engineering.

Geiger, M. E. and F. E. Vollertsen (1994). Laser assisted net shape engineering: 26th International seminar on manufacturing systems: Papers. Bamberg, Meisenbach-verlag.

Gendrau, A. E. and J. E. Brufau (1997). Feed manufacturing in southern Europe: new challenges, Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Mediterraneennes.

Gentina, J.-C. E. and S. G. E. Tzafestas (1992). Robotics and flexible manufacturing systems: Conference on modelling and control of technological systems: 13th World congress: Selected and revised papers. New York; London, Elsevier.

Gerstenfeld, A., H.-J. r. Bullinger, et al. (1986). Manufacturing research: organizational and institutional issues: proceedings of the Conference on Manufacturing Research: Organizational and Institutional Issues, August 19-23, 1985, Stuttgart, West Germany. Amsterdam; Oxford, Elsevier.

Gerwin, D. and H. Kolodny (1992). Management of advanced manufacturing technology: strategy, organization, and innovation. New York, Wiley.

Geza, H. E., M. E. Sandor, et al. (1991). Manufacturing systems and standardization: International conference: Preprinted papers, Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Ghanbari, A. E. and A. J. E. Toprac (1997). Process, equipment, and materials control in integrated circuit manufacturing III, SPIE.

Ghosh, A. E., R. E. E. Barks, et al. (1996). Challenges in ceramic product development, manufacture and commercialization, American Ceramic Society.

Ghosh, A. E., R. E. E. Barks, et al. (1997). Case studies in ceramic product development, manufacturing, and commercialization, American Ceramic Society.

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