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Cleveland. Research and Intelligence, U. (1988). INTERACT: Advanced Manufacturing on Teesside, Cleveland, Research and Intelligence Unit.

Colding, B., L. V. Colwell, et al. (1979). Delphi forecasts of manufacturing technology: manufacturing systems, material removal, manufacturing management, assembly. Bedford (39 High St., Kempston, Bedford), IFS (Publications).

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Collins, J. (1977). Starting a manufacturing business: a guide for small firms. London (Abell House, John Islip St., SW1P 4LN), Small Firms Division, Department of Industry.

Collins, J. A. (1986). The changing face of manufacturing: 9th Annual conference: Papers. Bedford, British Robot Association.

Compton, W. D. (1988). Design and analysis of integrated manufacturing systems: status, issues and opportunities: Conference: Papers. Washington, D.C., National Academy Press.

Confederation of British, I. (1978). Investment lead times in British manufacturing industry: the report of a CBI working party. Appendix: reports on individual case studies. London, C.B.I.

Confederation of British, I. (1978). Investment lead times in British manufacturing industry: the report of a CBI working party. London, C.B.I.

Conlon, R. M. (1985). Distance and duties: determinants of manufacturing in Australia and Canada. Ottawa, Carleton University Press.

Constable, J. H. (1998). Proceedings of 3rd international conference on adhesive joining and coating technology in electronics manufacturing 1998: presented at Adhesives'98. Piscataway, NJ, IEEE.

Conyon, M. J. (1988). An empirical investigation int income distribution, market structure and unionisation in UK manufacturing 1980-1984. Coventry, University of Warwick Department of Economics.

Cooke, I. C. (1990). Design of a production activity control system for the computer integrated manufacturing environment, Cranfield Institute of Technology.

Corre\0302a, H. L. (1994). Linking flexibility, uncertainty and variability in manufacturing systems: managing un-planned change in the automative industry. Aldershot, Avebury.

Cottrell, P. L. (1980). Industrial finance 1830-1914: the finance and organization of English manufacturing industry. London, Methuen.

Crafer, R. C. and P. J. Oakley (1993). Laser processing in manufacturing: Workshop entitled "Applications of lasers in welding, cutting and surface treatment": Papers, Chapman & Hall.

Crinkley, R. A. (1982). Your manufacturing company: how to start it: how to manage it. New York; London, McGraw-Hill.

Croisier, A., M. Israel, et al. (1993). Computers in design, manufacturing, and production: 1993 Comp Euro proceedings. Paris-Evry, France. Los Alamitos, Calif., IEEE Computer Society Press.

Cudd, J. M. (1974). The Chicopee Manufacturing Company, 1823-1915. Wilmington; London, Scholarly Resources Inc.; [London]: [Distributed by Prior].

Currie, W. L., E. Jackson, et al. (1994). The strategic management of advanced manufacturing technology. London, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Dagli, C. H. (1994). Artificial neural networks for intelligent manufacturing. London, Chapman & Hall.

Dale, B. G. (1984). Quality circles in UK manufacturing industry: a state of the art picture and respective trends. Manchester, Dept. of Management Sciences, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

Dale, B. G. and T. S. Ball (1983). A study of quality circles in UK manufacturing organisations, Dept. of Management Sciences, University of Management Institute of Science and Technology.

Dale, S., P. H. Du Feu, et al. (1991). Manufacturing intelligence, Department of Trade and Industry.

Danai, K. E. and S. E. Malkin (1990). Automation of manufacturing processes: Symposium: Winter annual meeting: Papers, ASME.

Danai, K. E. and S. E. Malkin (1991). Control of manufacturing processes: Session: Winter annual meeting: Papers, ASME.

Dargay, J. (1988). Factor demand in Swedish manufacturing: econometric analyses. Uppsala, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis.

Darvishi, A. (1987). Philosophy of fixture design for flexible manufacturing systems, University of Leeds.

Davis, N. E. (1989). International cigarette manufacturing: 2nd Session: 3rd International tobacco conference: Papers, Tobacco International.

Dawkins, P. J. and M. Stevenson (1984). Hours and earnings in British manufacturing industry: a cross sectional analysis. [Loughborough], Department of Economics, Loughborough University.

De Almeida, S. M. E. (1995). Competitive manufacturing: 12th Conference: Papers, University College Cork.

de Souza, R. E., A. I. E. Sivakumar, et al. (1996). International conference on computer integrated manufacturing 1995, Taylor & Francis.

Dean, T. J. (1995). New venture formations in United States manufacturing: the role of industry environments. New York; London, Garland Pub.

DeBusk, D. E. and R. T. E. Chen (1996). Optical characterization techniques for high-performance microelectronic device manufacturing III, SPIE.

Debusk, D. K. E. and S. E. Ajuria (1997). In-line characterization techniques for performance and yield enhancement in microelectronic manufacturing, SPIE.

Declerck, G. E. and K. E. De Meyer (1991). Semiconductor manufacturing science: Summer course on manufacturing science: Papers, Elsevier Science Publishers.

Delbridge, R. E. and J. E. Lowe (1997). Manufacturing matters: organization and employee relations in modern manufacturing, Barmarick Publications.

Demaid, A. and J. H. W. d. Wit (1995). Case studies in manufacturing with advanced materials. Vol.2. Amsterdam; Oxford, North-Holland.

Dembinski, B. E. (2002). Modern trends in manufacturing, Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Wroc\0142awskiej.

Demeri, M. Y. E. (1990). Expert system applications in materials processing and manufacturing: Symposium: Annual meeting: Preprints. Warrendale, Pa., TMS.

Demeri, M. Y. E. (2001). Innovations in processing and manufacturing of sheet materials, TMS.

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