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Badiru, A. B. (1992). Expert systems applications in engineering and manufacturing. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall.

Bagchi, A. E. (2001). Proceedings of the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division -2001, ASME.

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Bell, E. E. (1998). Jewelry manufacturing technology: 14th Santa Fe symposium. Boulder, MCRI.

Bell, E. E. (2001). Jewelry manufacturing technology: 15th Santa Fe symposium. Boulder, MCRI.

Bell, E. E. (2002). Jewelry manufacturing technology: 16th Santa Fe symposium. Boulder, MCRI.

Bell, S. (1993). Australian manufacturing and the state: the politics of industry policy in the post-war era. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

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Bernold, T. E. (1987). Artificial intelligence in manufacturing: key to integration: Technology assessment and management conference: Papers. Amsterdam, North-Holland.

Berry, N. M. E. (2000). Network intelligence: internet-based manufacturing, SPIE.

Berthold, J. W. E. (1994). Fiber optic physical sensors in manufacturing and transportation: Conference: Papers, SPIE.

Bessant, J. and B. Haywood (1985). The introduction of flexible manufacturing systems as an example of computer integrated manufacturing: final report. Brighton, Brighton Polytechnic, Innovation Research Group.

Bhada, R. E. (1995). Environmentally conscious design and manufacturing: recent advances: 3rd International congress: Papers, ECM Press.

Bieler, T. R. (2005). Trends in materials and manufacturing technologies for transportation industries and powder metallurgy research and development in the transportation industry, TMS.

Biggs, T. and P. Srivastava (1996). Structural aspects of manufacturing in sub-Saharan Africa: findings from a seven country enterprise survey. Washington, D.C., World Bank.

Billatos, S. B. E. and B. S. E. Kim (1998). Applications of design for manufacturing, ASME.

Billatos, S. B. E. and B. S. E. Kim (1999). Conceptual and innovative design for manufacturing, ASME.

Billatos, S. B. E. and H. C. E. Zhang (1997). Concurrent product design and environmentally conscious manufacturing, ASME.

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